Participating physicians confirm that patients actually prefer to come to their doctor’s office to have this testing done.

Physician Testimonials – What Other Physicians Are Saying

James and Sonic Imaging have been a valuable asset for my patients and my practice; prompt diagnostic testing allows for expedient and appropriate treatment. – Dr. Christopher Paladino, D.P.M.
Wanted to tell you how much our patients appreciate the ease of using your services. It has really been a great convenience for both our patients as well as our staff to have vascular testing done in our office. People are more comfortable with familiar surroundings. We don’t have to spend the time explaining to patients where they have to go or have them fill out additional paper work. Reports are on time and we can give patients the results right away…… that’s what makes your service terrific. Thanks for the great service – Joseph F. Campbell, D.P.M., N. Fort Myers, FL
I am pleased to write on behalf of Sonic Imaging, and the convenient and accessible ultrasound services they provide. This is convenient for both the patient and provider, allowing access to imaging within the office, with expedient and reliable results to make timely and informed decisions. – Shawn B. Miller, M.D.
As the owner and manager of Estero Island Medical Center in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, I have used Sonic Imaging to perform our ultrasound tests. I have been very pleased with the promptness, efficiency, and accuracy of their work. – Henry J. Rothenberg

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