Sonic Imaging Is A “Mobile” Ultrasound Service

Ultrasound Service TestingNow you can schedule Ultrasound Services in your office improving patient satisfaction as well as generate income for your office. As a result you no longer need to order tests using outpatient testing facilities.

Our mobile ultrasound service will come to your office weekly or biweekly and perform professional Cardiac, Vascular, and Abdominal Ultrasound tests for your patients. Rather, your office calls us to schedule these tests at a mutually convenient time. Upon completion of a test, you then receive a final test report within 48 – 72 hours by our Board Certified Radiologists. As a result, this assures you and your patient a prompt and accurate test.

Consequently, you can depend upon Sonic Imaging for the same quality of service that you would expect from any other outpatient imaging center. Sonic Imaging uses Sonosite Ultrasound Service equipment which is the same technology currently used by the United States Military. We use technologists who are well trained and certified nationally or are eligible in Cardiac, Vascular, and Abdominal/Obstetrics-Gynecology.

Furthermore the ultrasound studies are read by Dr. Mark Marzano. ( Dr. Marzano has been providing professional ultrasound reads in Southwest Florida for the past thirty years.  We are committed to providing accurate diagnostic reads and rapid report turnaround.

We Make Ultrasound Testing Easy

  • You can schedule ultrasound tests at your convenience and depending on our service volume. *Note: Every effort will be made to accommodate acute studies if a technologist is in your area.
  • Sonic Imaging provides you with the current diagnostic and CPT codes to assure fast compensation from Medicare and other private insurance companies. Since this information is in a constant state of change, we make every effort to keep you up-to-date on these changes.
  • After the ultrasound test is performed, you simply bill Medicare or the insurance company using the codes provided for the allowable fee amount.
  • You then pay Sonic Imaging a nominal technical reading fee and keep the remaining fee as your profit.
  • The fee for Sonic Imaging Services may be deferred for your initial billing until after you receive your compensation.
  • You can expect reimbursements of $150.00 per exam (some exams pay more than others but because of our fee schedule, the average is approximately $150.00).
  • There are absolutely no hidden fees or expenses in our services.
  • In addition, Sonic Imaging provides all the supplies and our service fees include exam performance, preliminary and final report, as well as transcription or courier charges.

Generate Significant Revenues

The following example illustrates how easy it is to generate significant revenues (based on just 10 Echocardiogram Studies per week) :

  • Many physicians normally order an Echocardiogram as a part of an adult physical exam. The fees for this service are reimbursable by both Medicare and private insurance companies (as CPT code 93306).
  • Typical Medicare reimbursement is approximately $175. Your technical fee is $50 and results in a net profit for you of $125.
  • Since not all studies are reimbursed at the same rate, you can expect an average net profit of $150 per test ordered.
  • As a result, 10 exams @ $150 x 40 weeks (accounting for season and holidays) equals $60,000 additional income per year (based on Medicare alone).
Keep Testing & Profits In Your Office
Each time you order an Ultrasound Exam using an outpatient imaging center, you are sending your patients insurance money with them! Therefore Medicare and Insurance Companies are going to reimburse a testing facility for testing regardless of where it is done.

Finally, wouldn’t you prefer that the testing be done in your office and that reimbursement income to be coming to you?

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